Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday, September 26 - Week 5
Hey! So good to hear from you! I am sooo sorry about the package. I still haven't gotten it. The President is trying really hard to find it so I hope it gets to me eventually. They don't know who this person is that signed for it so it might be kind of tricky. I really really appreciate you sending it though! President Freestone is so great. There's only about 70 of us missionaries here so he gets to know all of us pretty well. And especially when there were only 4 sisters, we talked to him a lot. It's been a great week. Not much new to tell since our weeks are basically the same but I'll try to pick out a few things. We went contacting again last Friday and it was great! We talked to this one girl (who happened to know English) for like 40 minutes. She was so interested. And we saw that same guy again this week that we taught the week before! We asked if he had called the missionaries yet and he said he hadn't but was going to and he's been reading the book of mormon we gave to him. And I think he thought that our temple was a church building because he said he wanted to go to our church but was talking about the Temple. Haha. Hopefully the guards at the temple led him to the right place! I hope he gets a hold of the missionaries though! On Sunday me and the other 3 sisters did a musical number in church, I know that my reedemer lives, but in spanish of course. It was good. We received 18 new missionaries yesterday! They are all spanish speakers so will only be here for 2 weeks and go out with us. 3 of the sisters are english speaking though going to Jamaica and the West Indies. It's so funny because everyone tries to talk to them in spanish but they don't speak spanish at all and won't be learning spanish. Haha. But we love them! I'm trying to comunicate with the other sisters, but they just talk so fast! Lol. I try my best though. Right when I think I'm really starting to catch onto the language, I talk to them and realize I'm not even close. But I've definitely made great progress. If I were talking to them about the gospel, I would be awesome. :) So our investigator that didn't believe in God when we started, we're committing her to baptism tomorrow! She's told us that she's prayed and knows God is there and she knows the church is true. I can't wait until this is a real experience. We are going on splits tomorrow!! AH! I'm pretty nervous but so excited too! I probably won't have any idea what anyone is saying, but I'll just bear testimony and the Spirit will be there anyways. I heard from some of my friends this week that were with my in the CCM and just went out into the field 2 weeks ago and they say it's so different, but one of them has 3 baptisms this week and one next week! Crazy! All of the teachers here from Santiago say there is a ton of success. Sounds like everything is going great at home! I love hearing about what's going on in your lives. Any updates on news in the world or anything? I feel so out of the loop. LOL. I am SO excited for General Conference!! It will be before we leave the CCM so we'll get to hear it in English thankfully. I think I'll get much more out of it that way. :) We'll hear the general relief society broadcast along with conference so don't tell what is said! Haha. Is this your last year to do Drama Daze Mom? Sounds like a lot of hard work! Those kids love it though! Thanks for sending that picture of the piano. I bet Maureah loved that! Way to go Scott on getting the perfect present! That's great that they can go to Idaho for Christmas. I'm sure the Raymonds are missing them! Hopefully they can come for thanksgiving too. Thanks for sharing your lesson with me Dad! And thanks for sharing your interpretations too! :) I learned a lot from it. The work is progressing in so many parts of the world. Even though the world may be getting worse and worse, every day there are more and more people coming unto Christ. I love you all so much! I pray for you every day. I miss you so much! Thank you for all your love and support!
Hermana Woolf

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